Elizabeth Warren’s ultra-high-speed video loop of rally line not as impressive ‘slowed down 1/1024 speed’


As we told you this morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is now in Iowa laying the foundation for her presidential campaign, and at one event she tweeted a video showing an extremely high speed loop of the overflow line:

First event in Iowa, first overflow line in Iowa! pic.twitter.com/VGLKONVxoJ

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) January 4, 2019

We assume that was an early attempt to signal President Trump that two can play the mega-rally game. However,

Here is the video slowed down 1/1024 speed.

As you can see there's about 86 people. pic.twitter.com/tbjpaS8NQx

— Mike (@Fuctupmind) January 5, 2019

That’s certainly not as visually deceptive as the original high-speed version, and it’s not as nausea-inducing either!

The best part of the Elizabeth Warren video of the crowd in Iowa, is if you watch very carefully, there are open parking spots. https://t.co/oX5ZB5H2A7

— Mike (@Fuctupmind) January 5, 2019

LOL – Great job Mike !!The 2020 presidential run will be epic. https://t.co/X8a5VUeojT

— Steel (@Steel_Ironwork) January 5, 2019

I . CAN'T . STOP . LAUGHING!! 😆 https://t.co/CGBGD8DTCw

— PERFORMANCE PROFITS ⭐⭐⭐ (@PPKnoxtn) January 5, 2019

SO FREAKIN' EPIC! 😂👏 https://t.co/SE72PAlMky

— Laura Laird (@americaromania) January 5, 2019

The 2020 campaign is going to be a blast.

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