Zendaya has her wisdom teeth removed, and Twitter feels her pain


zendaya wisdom teeth removed twitter

Zendaya just got her wisdom teeth taken out, and if the saying “misery loves company” is true, she’s doing just fine.

The Greatest Showman star posted a chipmunk-cheeked photo of herself on Twitter after surgery on Friday.

She looks nothing short of miserable with her swollen cheeks and an ice pack wrapped around her head.

“Debating on *whether or not I should post this wisdom teeth video on ig, cause I look a hot ass mess…,” she wrote before sharing a sneak peek of her new look.  

Sneak peek pic.twitter.com/vW0qAQoe13

— Zendaya (@Zendaya) January 4, 2019


It looks painful, but it’s a pain many people are all too familiar with. So Twitter users came together and started sharing their own swollen photos in a show of solidarity.

I feel u sis #jawsurgeryiskillingme pic.twitter.com/roCgwKFVaA

— mags (@magslandis) January 4, 2019

i feel u girl pic.twitter.com/UsatPOA0oP

— She(L)by Rummage (@shelby_rummage) January 4, 2019

definitely looks better than i did pic.twitter.com/theZthAxQF

— K A T I E • L U C A S (@katelynmlucas16) January 4, 2019

Yoooo I also got my wisdom teeth removed, but yesterday 🤣 we can suffer together @Zendaya pic.twitter.com/GGlX4w11uy

— Benjamin Pulgar (@benvpulgar) January 4, 2019

same pic.twitter.com/57jsfY2nYw

— p i p p i e ✨🌱 (@itsnicolebtw) January 4, 2019

Zendaya’s new look does make her look a little more like her character from Little Foot, Meechee.

Zendaya is Meethie

— Jacob Newgate (@JacobAWingate) January 4, 2019

She later shared an Instagram story of her struggle.

zendaya wisdom teeth instagram story


With a mouth full of gauze, Zendaya says “I’ve made it home, … got my mom with me because I’m a little baby and need my mom to take care of me,” she says as her mom bustles about in the background.

Zendaya seems to keep it positive, saying she feels good and giving the camera a thumbs up.

Get well soon, girl!

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