Stop running for president: There’s something VERY 2020 about Kamala Harris’ 2018 midterm poetry


“When people ask about the 2018 election,” Democrats will probably either pretend to not remember or begin reading from the prepared list of excuses.

Kamala Harris wants Democrats to use the extra hour gained from Daylight Savings Time to put in extra work ahead of Tuesday’s elections.

When people ask us about the 2018 election, let’s tell them about what we did to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. We get one extra hour today. Let’s use it to knock on doors and call up our neighbors to make sure they have a ride to the polls. It will make a difference.

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) November 4, 2018

That should go well.

Go ahead, knock on my door. I'll tell you what I think about what you did to Kavanaugh family

— Fair for all (@Citizenpundit12) November 4, 2018

Meanwhile if (and when) the blue wave turns out to be non-existent, the post-mortems for the Democratic Party by the media are going to be endless and very enjoyable for those on the right.

When people ask us about the 2018 election we’ll laugh about how the Democrats were their own worst enemy in the months leading up to the midterms. How all they really had to do was not be crazy, and they couldn’t even do that. #VoteRed

— The Foo (@PolitiBunny) November 4, 2018

If you thought the 2016 post-election meltdown was something to see, just wait until Wednesday IF the Democrats are unable to gain control of the House of Representatives.

Then, Kamala Harris will begin a two-year process of telling us about how she will save America by becoming president.

Which she has apparently already started.

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