It really looks like Pikachu broke into a GOP office to protest ICE

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A vandal broke the glass window of a GOP office in Nebraska on Tuesday, and the outline looks unmistakably like the silhouette of Pikachu.

It looks like even Pikachu isn’t cool with ICE and the idea of separating undocumented children from their families.

The silhouette of the favorite Pokemon was created when someone threw bricks at a GOP office in Lincoln, Nebraska on Tuesday, the Associated Press reports. Along with the window shattering, someone spray-painted “ABOLISH ICE” on the sidewalk outside the building.

While its clear the electric-type Pokemon didn’t become real and start vandalizing Republican offices, that didn’t stop Twitter users from pointing out that the outline of the broken glass was unmistakably similar to Pikachu.

Holy shit

— A Literal Homosexual (@kyry5) July 4, 2018

giant pikachu goes on leftist rampage in nebraska

— emotional interlude (@guldeuxchats) July 3, 2018

Pikachu has escaped from his holding cell at the Nebraska Republican Party headquarters.

— Justin Richer (@justin__richer) July 4, 2018

Looks like Pikachu burst out of the Nebraska Republican Party office like the Kool-Aid Man, but okay

— Red Durkin (@RedIsDead) July 4, 2018

pikachu was being held in the office of nebraska republicans? those bastards!

— Eat babies, do crimes (@MxSpoon) July 4, 2018

I sure hope they find the antifa Pikachu who ran through the Nebraska GOP office window

— Ian Boudreau (@iboudreau) July 4, 2018

I think we have a suspect #Pikachu #PokemonGO #pokemon #Nebraska #gop

— Michael (@MichaelCK) July 3, 2018

Anyway, found the culprit

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) July 4, 2018

According to AP, the person who vandalized the Nebraska GOP office caused $1,200 worth of damage.

While it might be surprising that the glass is shaped like Pikachu, the executive director of the Republican office didn’t seem shocked that the damage had been done.

Kenny Zoeller, the office’s executive director, said the office has received threats in the past, particularly after President Donald Trump was elected.

“I really wish I could tell you I’m surprised by this, but I’m not,” he told AP.

There is no word yet if the GOP office was a PokemonGo hotspot—but according to one study, Lincoln, Nebraska isn’t even in the top 20 places in the state to catch Pokemon.

You can read all of AP’s report here.


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