Couple Forced To Take Wedding Pics With Sunbathing Woman, And Internet Can’t Decide Who’s The Asshole

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When you think about weddings, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Family? Friends? Or maybe a carefree sunbather photobombing every single one of your pictures? Well, as it turns out, the last one, though it may sound surreal, is actually quite possible, and it’s only one of many ways for somebody to completely spoil your wedding photos.

Mark Ling and his wife Mandy Cripwell never expected their photoshoot could be ruined in such a bizarre way, since the photos were to be taken at a very popular wedding photo spot in Torquay, England. According to Mark’s son Marcus, the sunbather wasn’t exactly keen on making way for the newlyweds. “I went up to her and asked her to move and she pretended to be asleep,” he said. “It’s a well-known wedding spot where you have photos taken, so she would have known it goes on there. Half of Torquay have their wedding photos in that garden.” Later on, she relented and moved aside, but left all of her things in plain view. One of the family members described the entire situation as, “Bloody rude and disrespectful.”

Even though most people believe that the woman should have moved, as to not spoil the entire photo session, many others have commented that since she was the first one there, she had a right to stay. What do you think?

Scroll down to see the entire situation yourself, and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments!

Mark Ling and Mandy Cripwell had a lovely wedding recently but unfortunately, not everything went according to plan

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (1)

Image credits: Mark Ling

After the ceremony, there was supposed to be a beautiful wedding photoshoot but it was disturbed by a sunbather who refused to leave her spot

A wedding couple were left disgruntled when a shameless sunbather photobombed their wedding pictures by refusing to move. See story SWWEDDING. Newly-weds Mark Ling,49, and Mandy Cripwell, 35, were married in church on Saturday, and retired to a renowned beauty spot and public park to take what they hoped would be the perfect snaps. But their idyllic sun-kissed scene soon turned was ruined by a stubborn sunbather who had taken up residence on the green. The family of Torquay, Devon, say they asked the scantily-clad woman to move but she refused, and the wedding party were forced to pose for pictures around her. Mark's son, 24-year-old Marcus Ling, even approached the woman and asked her to move - but she pretended to be asleep.

Image credits: SWNS

“I went up to her and asked her to move and she pretended to be asleep,” one guest said

Image credits: SWNS

This isn’t the first time a wedding was disturbed by a carefree sunbather, there was also a similar story from in Australia

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (11)

Image credits: shitadelaide

As it turns out, not everybody agrees with the newlyweds, many stated their opinion saying that the woman came to the spot first so she can stay for as long as she likes

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (3)

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (5)


sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (8)

Others found the woman to be extremely rude

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (6)

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (7)

sunbathing-woman-refuses-leave-wedding-photoshoot-torquay (9)

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