Stop hitting yourself! NYT’s op-ed ‘Trump’s Rage Junkies’ proves who the real RAGE JUNKIES are (hint, not #MAGA)

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Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote yet another liner for your birdcage or litter box, this time about ‘Trump’s Rage Junkies.’

Read my column, “Trump’s Rage Junkies,” and let me know what you think.

— Charles M. Blow (@CharlesMBlow) July 2, 2018

Ugh, do we have to?

From the New York Times:

We are watching as a president of the United States openly lies, fabricates and exaggerates while two-fifths of the population cheers him for it.

He spurns our allies and embraces our adversaries and people shrug.

He, his congressional allies and his propaganda arm are waging open warfare on the Federal Bureau of Investigation in an effort to tarnish it before its inquiry into connections between the Trump campaign, family and associates and Russia can be made public.

He is a racist who disparages black and brown people, whether they be immigrants, Muslims, people from Haiti and Africa, Barack Obama, the mayor of San Juan or Maxine Waters. People equivocate about it and excuse it.

He is attacking the press in the most aggressive of terms so that what they reveal about him will be viewed with skepticism.

One has to wonder if Blow realizes he’s RAGING about Trump and that makes the title of his piece even funnier.

Trump's Rage Junkies are an easy lot to spot. They lash out. They put you on lists. They say you have "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

It's all projection. They're addicted to Trump.

Anger is the only emotion they have left, and it's better to feel anger than nothing at all.

— Nick Jack Pappas (@Pappiness) July 2, 2018

The amount of actual projection and the lack of self-awareness is AMAZING. Sure, tell us more about how it’s the Right that’s filled with rage junkies after we’ve spent weeks hearing about women in the Trump administration harassed in real life and Maxine Waters calling for more harassment.

And did someone who supported Obama REALLY just accuse others of being addicted to a president?

Someone get these people a mirror.

#Twitter, why do you automatically trend all these NYT's opinion pieces? "Trump's Rage Junkies" and ignore #WalkAway @Jack we deserve an answer.

— Howard Notelling (@BluegrassPundit) July 2, 2018

Because Twitter has an agenda?

I can't believe the left is talking about rage junkies. Read any hashtag about politics and look at the hate coming from liberals. Who's running around screaming fuck you all the time like children? There is no peaceful side to this mess. Just hypocrisy "Trump's Rage Junkies"

— Laura Lovecraft (@Laura_Lovecraft) July 2, 2018

Hilarious, ain’t it?

Trump's Rage Junkies are the people who wake up everyday wondering what they can be fake outraged against.

— Josh (@JoshNoneYaBiz) July 2, 2018

NYT with another stinker.

Way to go, Blow.


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