‘This is horrifying’: February press release includes PROOF that there are actual Nazis inside DHS

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The press release, titled “We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again,” went up on the DHS website in February, but it seems it wasn’t until now that people managed to uncover the secret Nazi messages encoded within. Pay attention now:

This is an actual story on an official government website with a 14-word headline starting with "we must secure". This is not an accident. There are actual Nazis-who-call-themselves-Nazis at DHS. https://t.co/Q01TRRpNaI

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

Do go on …

I didn't know that I could get more scared about the state of things, but here we are.

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

This headline is so terrifying that I called my congressional rep (Pelosi) to ask what they intend to do about it. Clearly they haven't heard about it. Call your rep and make a fuss about this. This is horrifying.

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

Now that she’d been clued in, we demand that Pelosi make some sort of public statement about this immediately.

There are 14 points in the article, and the final point contains the number "88" for no good reason — 88 is also a Nazi dog whistle for "Heil Hitler". https://t.co/WLT3CEqfUw There is absolutely no doubt now that this article is intentionally a signal to Nazis. pic.twitter.com/njS5MDMNIr

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

For those unclear why the number 14 is significant, it is the number of words in a famous white supremacist slogan that also begins with the words "we must secure" https://t.co/EtGw9nWWCE

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

So the phrase “We must secure,” the number of bullet points (14), and the number 88 all are Nazi code.

I count 13 bulleted points?

— spencerwillems (@spencerwillems) June 28, 2018

Yeah, one point doesn't have a bullet and is bolded instead. That's not as obvious as the 88. Who uses "88" as an example of a fraction? Why not 100, or 50 or literally any round number?

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

can you please explain for those who don’t get the significance of “we must secure”?

— JD (@jdnewswatching) June 28, 2018

A 14-word slogan beginning with "we must secure" is a popular neo-nazi slogan: https://t.co/EtGw9nWWCE

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

@jjmacnab You might find this interesting

— Roland Barker (@b2snore) June 28, 2018

Narrator: She didn’t.

I wouldn't be too quick to assume on this one. We must secure the border is kind of a common refrain. pic.twitter.com/AtTf1NpJxo

— JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) June 28, 2018

What about the 88: https://t.co/yoMXJsFecG

— Laurie Voss (@seldo) June 28, 2018

https://t.co/V7YQSrbm0E pic.twitter.com/Req6Hfw65a

— JJ MacNab (@jjmacnab) June 28, 2018

Hmm… so they used the number 88 in the press release because that was the actual number of people who’d been allowed to enter the border on that particular day. Or so they’d like you to think.

Why aren’t journalists all over this?

This is really, really creepy https://t.co/ChqaPnllIf

— Joe Bernstein (@Bernstein) June 28, 2018

When dog whistles are so loud and piercing they become slide whistles. https://t.co/9W7p8QF840

— Alexandra Erin (@alexandraerin) June 29, 2018


— Kevin Gannon (@TheTattooedProf) June 28, 2018

Holy crap. This Neo-Nazi signaling isn't even subtle. https://t.co/C2FbIk4PKE

— Toledo the Horse (@ToledoTheHorse) June 29, 2018

The Bari Weiss effect: the more you call Trump officials nazis the more they become actual nazis https://t.co/x573r4dzeL

— Abby Martin (@AbbyMartin) June 28, 2018

This needs to be investigated immediately. ANYONE who works in DHS knows what "14 words" means and the beginning of "we must secure."

This is very, very serious. https://t.co/85f6iQnJOi

— Jack Miller (@politicalmiller) June 28, 2018

Brian Stelter — get on this, now.

Worth reminding everyone that the journalists who spread this around think they’re smarter than you https://t.co/EVl9WKcmNN

— Joe Gabriel Simonson (@SaysSimonson) June 30, 2018

This is one of the best examples I've ever seen of how mental illness gains purchase on twitter. Scroll through and watch how everything they want to fit is just *slightly* off. Like the revelation that 13/88 is 14%! Except it isn't, it's 15%. https://t.co/83uBlLzTC4 https://t.co/rh419WAdF6

— Matt Jameson (@RogueNotary) June 28, 2018

Only 13 actual bullet points instead of 14? That was just to try to throw people off the trail, but it didn’t work.


Bloomberg writer explains why it's important to compare administration to Nazis BEFORE genocide starts https://t.co/lqtFzcU1SX

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 23, 2018

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