‘Check YOURSELF’! Soledad O’Brien takes NASTY swipe at Salena Zito in wake of Capital Gazette shooting


Journalist Salena Zito has spent the past several years doing what few in her profession have been willing to do: getting to know Americans in flyover country. A lot of those Americans just so happened to vote for Trump.

So when Zito tweeted this out yesterday in the wake of the deadly Capital Gazette shooting:

Journalists working in particular in small newspapers are the truest believers in being your advocate in your community; the pay isn’t good, hours are awful, but they do it because it’s a calling. They are your neighbors, kids coach & sit in the pews with you on Sunday #Annapolis pic.twitter.com/hB1kQFFSVZ

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZito) June 28, 2018

Soledad O’Brien evidently decided to hold Zito accountable for Trump’s disparaging remarks about the media:

So they're "not the enemy of the people"? Good to hear you weigh in on this. https://t.co/FHlW7hFjNx

— Soledad O'Brien (@soledadobrien) June 29, 2018

Good for Soledad O’Brien to remind us what kind of person she is.

What in the world?

— Jeryl Bier (@JerylBier) June 29, 2018

Are you taunting or mocking Salena? It comes across that way, and totally undeserved.

— Tim Carney (@TPCarney) June 29, 2018

Well, this is an ugly response to a nice sentiment. https://t.co/aGV5ViFYUb

— Peter Cook (@_Peter_Cook) June 29, 2018

This is a pretty messed up tweet. @SalenaZito is the nicest person on twitter.

— Bailey melvin (@bailey_melvin) June 29, 2018

What a rude reply to a heartfelt statement by @SalenaZito

You should check your self

— Jim Hanson (@Uncle_Jimbo) June 29, 2018

That's a pretty snarky response to someone who is nothing but gracious. I recommend more self-reflection.

— Just Tom (@thomasa56) June 29, 2018

Ma’am, with respect, I think you could learn a lot about how to treat your colleagues, those with who you disagree, and indeed, people in general by reading some of what @SalenaZito has written.

— Bill Glick (@BillGlickYk) June 29, 2018

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