16 Things Only People Who Nap All The Time Will Understand

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1. You know the term 5-more-minutes all too well. So what if 5-more-minutes turns into 10 more, 20 more, 45 more, or an hour more.

2. Not only do you know if you need a nap, OTHER people know if you need a nap.

3. When things simply aren’t great, a nap is necessary before you are ready to move forward.

4. You can fall asleep almost instantly.

5. A blanket is your favorite accessory.

6. You can fall asleep almost anywhere. Bed, couch, chair, floor, it’s all no problem.

7. Sometimes you and your friends will hang out just to nap.

8. On occasion you accidentally fall asleep in the middle of things. You make a spectacular recovery when you wake up though!

9. If someone wakes you up this is sometimes you.*
*This usually is you. **This is you.

10. When someone asks you what your plans are this weekend:

11. Your napping habits have turned you into a resourceful genius.

12. When your hobbies, extracurriculars, and passions involve napping: (If only you could put it on your resume).

13. When you are killing it at the club, but then you realize all you really want is a nap.

14. Things may be a mess around you, but you can always count on a good nap to pull through.

15. Sometimes, your beloved naps last too long. Then some regrets settle in.

16. But never forget you are napping royalty and that you deserve the sweetest dreams, the comfiest beds, and the best naps that sleep has to offer. TC mark

Source: thoughtcatalog.com

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