15 Watermelon Puns That Will Make You Lose Your Rind

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Why are watermelons the saddest fruit?

They get melancholy.

Why won’t anyone sit next to a watermelon?

They have a strange smelon.

Do you know what you call the outside of a watermleon?

Rind of.

Why are watermelons such good entrepreneurs?

They always have seed money.

Why do watermelons write such good tell-alls?

They have all the juice.

Why do watermelons take such a long time to make decisions?

They’re always melon it over.

Why did the watermelon go crazy?

He lost his rind.

Why shouldn’t you go into business with a watermelon?

They’re seedy.

Did you hear about the fruit who was convicted of armed robbery?

Now he’s a waterfelon.

Did you hear about the guy who smashed all those fruits?

It was a slaughter melon.

Why did one melon break up with the other melon?

He didn’t know water problem was.

Did you hear about the watermelon who starred in a telanovella?

It was melondramatic.

What was the watermelon’s naughty pick-up line?

Want to see my melons?

What did the fruit write on his Valentine’s card?

You’re one in a melon!

You know what they say about when life gives you melons?

You might be dyslexic.

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