JUST IN: White House confirms Trump will sign either Goodlatte bill or Hose leadership bill

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Over to you, Dems, because President Donald Trump is ready to make a deal on immigration:

WH's @RajShah45: “The President fully supports both the Goodlatte bill and the House leadership bill. In this morning's interview, he was commenting on the discharge petition in the House, and not the new package. He would sign either the Goodlatte or the leadership bills."

— Jordan Fabian (@Jordanfabian) June 15, 2018

Of course, libs still won’t be happy:

There is no moderate bill in the house. There are two extreme bills, one a bit more extreme than the other.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) June 15, 2018

And neither will some Republicans:

This is UNACCEPTABLE! The House Leadership Bill allows amnesty.

Everyone please tweet at @realDonaldTrump to keep his promise on amnesty. We love & support President Trump but he cannot allow the establishment to dictate immigration policy. https://t.co/Z8S5ShM73W

— Brigitte Gabriel (@ACTBrigitte) June 15, 2018

Listen, Dems want a return to policies early on in the Obama administration where immigrants from Central America, after being caught crossing the border illegally, would be given a court date in the future to make their case for asylum and sent on their way. From the New York Times in June 2014:

Even the Obama administration realized this was acting like a magnet, which led to all of the kids in kennels that we told you about. That’s when Jeh Johnson started arresting entire families and putting them together in detention centers. Jeh Johnson quotes from the New York Times:

We simply cannot have a situation where if you cross the border and are apprehended, you can count on being escorted to the nearest bus station.”


“I believe [family detention] is an effective deterrent.” 

Anyway, next week should be fun when these bills come up for a vote.


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