Bad Lip Reading of Mark Zuckerberg’s interrogation is how I’m going to believe it went down


Bad Lip Reading has made a video about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Facebook interrogation, and it’s everything we could’ve hoped for and more.

In the phony portrayal of Zuckerberg speaking, he instantly ends the procession by inviting his momma for his Frodo ring( which is pretty smart if it was necessary to make a immediate getaway ), then originates loudly slurping water as the interrogation begins.

Zuckerberg’s perpetual slurping stimulates his interrogators delay, and instead begin to ask questions such as, “How about you exactly chug the sea? ” and, “Are you blowing illusions? ”

When he finally stops drinking water, the interrogators move to questions about Zuckerberg’s eerily unmoving face.

“Listen kid, winking if you’re not a lamp, ” one requests him. Great question, but I pegged Zuckerberg as more of a cliff or thumb.

The conversation then delves into all the important questions: whether or not Mark Zuckerberg wants to buy a special van for sale, whether or not he makes World War I is bad, and whether or not Zuckerberg would be friends with Ted Cruz, which Ted Cruz sees would be the contingency if he lived in a treehouse.

Point is, I’m choosing to believe this is how the inquisition actually happened. That’s final.

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