This Man Quit His Aeronautical Job To Travel The World And Here Is How His Notebooks Look Like


Even today, a lot of people carry around notebooks filled with daily reminders, significant years, judgments, and other important information. But there’s an craftsman who abuses diaries to make amazing art.

Jose Naranja starts breath-taking and well-thought-out notebooks from scratch. They are filled with fantastic hand-drawn instances and indicates. His notebooks are magnetizing works of art, constituted abusing watercolors, fountain pens, a number of aspects of photography, emboss, script, and drawings.

For many years Jose was an aeronautic architect, but subsequently he decided to devote his life to art and traveling. His resentment for notebook art developed in 2005 where reference is discovered Moleskine pocket publications. It may be hard to believe, but Jose has never taken any proceed or prowes classes, but his abilities are flawless. He already replenished in around 12 diaries. Not long ago the craftsman began fixing his own notebooks to originate them even more personal.

In case you feel like supporting one in your hands and flipping through the sheets, the artist adds an opportunity to buy his notebooks, so don’t forget to check out his shop. As for now scroll down to admire these mesmerizing handcrafted notebooks.

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Jose Naranja creates breath-taking and well-thought-out diaries from scratch

His notebooks are captivating works of art

Jose loads them with startling hand-drawn portraits and notes

They are formed expending watercolours, fountain pens, a number of aspects of photography, stomps, writing, and drawings

For many years Jose was an aeronautic engineer

His passion for notebook art are set out in 2005 where reference is discovered Moleskine pocket journals

It may be hard to believe, but Jose “ve never” taken any pump or artistry grades, but his sciences are flawless

He previously crowded around 12 notebooks

If you are interested in nursing a one of his notebooks in your hands you can buy it in his shop

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