The Day the Worlds Second Best Wife Left Me


We didn’t even go into the coffee shop because our speechless foot there had deleted any craving for a beverage either one could have had. She hadn’t spoken to me for a full week, so I knew prognosis was not going to be good. I knew that after today — after this conversation — our relations wouldn’t be the same as before.

We sat in the cold metal chairs beneath an overcast sky as — I haven’t the slightest impression as to what she actually added — she told me that there was no more hope for a romance between us. We could be friends, but…

It was as if all the dominoes inside of me that had been lining up over the past two years had been flicked and were beginning their spiral sink. They weren’t all down yet, but the articles had begun their descent.

It’s virtually the same as going into physical stupor: Your ability somehow forecloses the aching from positioning in right off, despite what you already cognitively know. Though there seemed to be a physical value on me after the succinct gossip, I somehow obligated it back to campus and we parted behaviors in the courtyard.

I took the elevator up to my dorm room, still stupefied. Still wishing that her week of stillnes had really meant something else, as thin a hope as that may have been.

Now, this is the part that has always deposited with me: I penetrated my chamber and couldn’t do anything. I precipitated onto my bottom in a half-sit/ half-lie amidst the mess of pillows and coverings and didn’t move. I didn’t text or call anyone. Didn’t open my laptop. Didn’t read. Didn’t cry. Just sat/ sit there for over an hour unable to think of what I should perhaps time.

Breakups are hard.

It’s easy to say someone else’s relational breakdown and perhaps seem a qualm of sympathy must be accompanied by moving on with your daylight( perhaps that’s really lethargic me ), but from within, as I can show, they are crushing. They are suffocating and sickening. I can’t even imagine the deep wells which are bulldozed within people who experience a divorce or an affair.

Nevertheless, in a season of rupture, texts of profundity, advice and spur are required. So, here are some of best available I’ve accrued over the years.

World’s Second Best Spouse

A number of daytimes after my motionless hour, I met with a deep southern prof at the school. He’s the one everyone went to for their romantic admonition, and there’s a ground. He was simply exploding with ordeal and knowledge. I told him my place, and in his thick-skulled yet succinct southern drawl, he responded,

“Nahw Ethan! Cecilia may be thee second best wahfe for you. But when it comes to something as severe as marriage, we don’t want number two nahw, do we? We want number one! So if the door is closing with Cecilia, that only means that, at best, she used thee second best for you! ”

Open your hand, even after the wedding

While his feelings were accurate, summary executions was still painful. I really liked Cecilia a lot and for all intents and purposes, she seemed like my# 1 alternative! I made I knew her pretty well after two years.

What my professor alleged next was something I’ll never forget as far as thinking about my marriage. He attracted a pencil out of his shirt pocket and maintained it in an open palm.

“Nahw Ethan, this is Cecilia. And what the hell are you wishes to do right now( he shut his grasp on the pencil) is hold her tight and refuse to let her go…But what you need is to learn how to keep your palm open before the Lord. And if He wants…”

He utilized his other mitt to lift the pencil off his palm.

“He will either impede her there, or He will remove her from your hand. He will do what He requires either way, but it’s easier for you if you’re already holding her in an open hand.”

What he added next is the part that blew me away.

“I wedded my spouse Sweet Sue decades ago, and when I wedded her, I thought that, Yes! She was mine!

But Ethan, time fahve years ago, Sweet Sue went cancer. In that season, God told me that even though she was my wahfe, I had to continue to hold her in an open hand because he may take her out of it.”

I was floored.

The last-place act I demanded was to think about getting married and then having God make her out of my hand. Fortunately, his wahfe had recovered and is still alive and well today. God allowed him to keep her for a few more times. But what that taught me is that marriage is not the finish line. There is no time in this life that we get to close our fists on what we want( or what we have) and hold onto them for eternity.

On telling go

In the case of Cecilia, she used usage which needed black and whites and was terribly grey-headed. She left me hopeful that the time wasn’t “now, ” but perhaps “later.” What that implies is that I wasted the next 3 month refusing to actually move on from her and violently held onto hope that “later” would come.

If you find yourself in a situation where the person hasn’t closed the door completely but has generally hinted that there may be hope in the future, you need to shoot them straight. Just yesterday I was on the phone with a love in Cape Cod who had just been dropped by a very serious sweetheart. When she made the gash, however, it was not clean.

“I’m sad, but I’m still hopeful, ” he told me on the telephone. “She didn’t say it’s over for good, but she simply needs some space.”

For his sake, I hope she’s is the truth. Likewise for his sake, I hope that whatever her decision is, she tells him sooner than subsequently. My opinion to him was this 😛 TAGEND

“Don’t wait forever for her. Set an ultimatum. She won’t know anymore in December that she will in June as long as you two are separated and not talking. Force her to do the respectful act and be straight with you sooner rather than afterwards. It’s not fair of her to expect you to just wait indefinitely while she sorts through occasions. Eventually, she’ll is understood that she likes you or she doesn’t, and when she does, she needs to be up front. For your sake.”

I’ve been on the receiving cease of that exchange more often than I’d like to admit. People will use all sorts of softeners to reduce the impact, but often these do more distres than good. I think it’s only human to be infatuated with person and cling to a hope that they’ll change their psyche. This may be the first step in the grieve process( denial ?) but we can’t stay here forever.

If the person dumping you is squandering doubtful conversation, designated an ultimatum. Let them know that you’ll give them opening to sort through concepts, but you won’t wait forever. Force them to be “the worlds biggest” person.

Conversely, if you’re the dumper rather than the dumpee, be straight. Don’t dance around the issue and don’t avoid the difficult and honest discussions. It stings in the present but is healthier in the long run.

Don’t rebound.

Don’t rebound.


Yes. Undermining up suctions for everyone involved. It’s a kind of pain which is deep and lasting and can be achieved through all sorts of insecurities and festering meanders if not properly considered and cared for.

No. Breakups are not the end of the world. In the words of this shark,

You will move on and there will be other people on the ground. Read my other affix on How to Get Over Anyone, and it may be helpful as well.

Hope that helps!


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