A heartbreaking video about bullying gets a heartwarming response from the Yankees.


Cassidy Warner is 10 years old, and like countless teenagers, knows bullying at her school.

She shared her legend — all too relatable to anyone who’s been made to feel unwelcome for who they are — in a powerful video on Facebook. In it, she regards up a series of articles with handwritten letters for the world.

As sought, everyone wanted me to repost … This is a video my daughter Cassidy announced orginally from her own Facebook page, her caption suggested ” please everyone help share my fib about being bullied not only for me but for everyone” Her floor reached 22 k vistums before the Scranton School Dirstict contacted Facebook and her facebook came shut down because she’s not 13 and of age to have a facebooK. She was threatened by the principal to remove the video or he was going to report it and he was successful. But this does not stop here, I will be my daughters singer I will share her tale and I hope others will share too, this Isn’t about the shares or beliefs or if it get viral its about spreading awareness although seeing that smile on Cassidy’s face each time the number of views and shares went big that was everything. Shes disturbed she has to start all over but let’s do this for her….please share her fib let’s positioned that smile back on her front !!!

Posted by Jenn Slater on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

“My name is Cassidy. I am 10 years old. I go to John Adams Elementary School. I am in 4th evaluate. I started coming bullied in 1st position. One epoch during recess a group of kids grabbed my handbag off of a teacher, and spit on it and me. The group of teenagers always come up to me during recess, trying to fight me. They touched me, knocked me, gathered my mane, push things, stepped on me, spit on me … Kids don’t even want to go near me. Wherever I sit at the lunch table, the children get up. They threaten to kill me, 2nd they tell me to kill myself. They also shed milk all over my coat. They too call me names. There’s four of them and merely 1 of me. The principal doesn’t do anything. I feel so alone, I feel like I have no one. It hurts. This is my story … Stop bullying! Not just for me, for other girls, to[ o ]. Please share my storey! Thank you for watching! ”

Cassidy’s video was deleted from Facebook, but her mommy, Jenn Slater, then uploaded it to her own personal sheet. Since then, Cassidy has appeared on CNN to share her anti-bullying letter and even got a warm note from actor Hugh Jackman insisting her to “never stop asking for help.”

Nearly two weeks later, Cassidy got another large-scale content of support from a terribly unpredictable group of parties: the New York Yankees.

In a video announced to the team’s Twitter account, the Yankees responded to Cassidy’s story with a series of handwritten memoranda of their own. Many of the team’s hotshots, such as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and CC Sabathia took part in the heartwarming video.

“Dear Cassidy. My figure is CC Sabathia and I represent baseball for the New York Yankees. My teammates and I wanted you to know that we care about you. We know sharing your legend must have been difficult, but you demo spirit and strong, and engendered us are to achieve you. We may be older than you, we may be taller than you, but we want you to know that we look up to you. You are not alone! Count the New York Yankees among your best friend! You can sit next to us at lunch any time !!! In information, “were both” saving a bench for you at our lunch counter in the clubhouse. Bullying is mistaken. We won’t stand for it! No one should ever be made to feel bad about who they are. We need to care for each other. There are 25 of us on this unit and we all got your back. Verify you soon! ”

Like Cassidy read, “its about” more than merely her; it’s about all bullying.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Assistance, 28% of students in gradations 6-12 suffer bullying, and more than 70% of students have witnessed it.

HHS has a extensive guidebook for parents to help learn their adolescents about bullying( and how to prevent it) on the following website. Its tips-off include training teenagers about what bullying is, making this an ongoing dialogue, spurring kids to engage in hobbies, and instilling in their own homes the values of kindness and respect.

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