Dear Daughter, Mommy Misses You Too


My Dearest Child,

I’m sorry. I’m sorry I became you weep. I know I don’t have a selection right now, but when I construed that the tears were gonna run I almost broke down myself. You miss me; I get it.

When you told me you were sad that I had to work, I find so helpless. I understand this is hard for you, and it’s hard for me too. You’re my baby.

I can remember “when youre” a paunch, 6-month-old bundle of joy. I worked five days a few weeks, and when I came home it felt like we eat dinner and then it was time to go to bed. Saturdays were chocked full of housework and errands, and then Sunday ever went by like the speed of light. I detested it!

You! Precious, chubby, smiley you! You were the best thing that had ever happened to me, and all I wanted to do in life was be around you, to soak you up like a thirsting rinse. We figured it out, and I noted a wet-nurse slot where I could cultivate part-time. I got five days a few weeks in a row at home with you. We did that for the next seven years! So believes me when I say this is hard for us both.

I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry you miss me, and while I’m reputation that you do, it acquires me poignant that my absence makes you anguish. If it contributes to any, I miss you too.

Last night after I had deemed you a long time, dehydrated your cries from your aspect and played with your whisker, you had asked me a question.

“Will you always have to go to work? ” You asked.

I wasn’t sure how to refute. We talked about Heaven, we have spoken the present has become a drop in the bucket of eternity. We talked about God’s will, His plan for our life and full-time department, and then, of course, we talked about His timing. All ponderous subjects for a 7-year-old, but I know you’re a smart girl.

I don’t know how long I’ll be working full-time. All I know is that sometimes many times mamas have to work out of the residence to provide for their babies. Daddies very. We manipulate since we are love you and we want to provide for you, but never be considered that Mommy doesn’t miss you too. I do! So very much.

This season where Mommy works more is a transition for us all, my dear. But I know what I’ve been draw lessons from it. And this morning the Lord affected upon me that you are learning the same concept too.

Often meters when different situations is new and hard-handed, it’s chances to press much closer into Jesus. It’s a chance to draw from His fortitude, to depend on Him for your charm , not present circumstances that you cannot change. When the situation is creepy, different, and especially challenging, it’s a wonderful opening to overstate and garrison your relationship with the Lord. Throughout this new season I can see God extending me and refining me into the daughter He knows I can be. For years now a morning prayer of excavation for you and your sisters is this 😛 TAGEND

I pray, Lord, that they are able to continue to grow in charm in perfection, but also in strength of character. But most importantly I pray that they will grow in relationship with you. I pray they will be women after your own mettle, women who search your face.

I speculate the Lord is using this opportunity to answer my devotions while also refining you into the daughter He knows you can be.

I’m proud of you, always, my firstborn passion. I’m sorry I started you blubbering, but I’m grateful God residence such a tender-hearted, sweet babe in “peoples lives”. Mommy misses you too when I am at work, but are well aware that I am doing what I need to do right now for our family. I know you will remember this change and meter of our lives in your future years to reach, and I cry the Lord can speak to you great things through it. He certainly is me.



P.S. I’m off the next 3 epoches!

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