UPDATE: Parents Forced to Shut 2-Yr-Olds Life Support Off After He Opens His Eyes, Dad Yells “Its Not Over!”


Over the last several months, 23 -month-old Alife Evans has been reaching headlines as his mothers debate doctors and the British courts to keep their undiagnosed son on life subsidize. The bag has strikingly similar parallels to the Charlie Gard instance of 2017, in which the infant’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, tragically lost the fight to keep their lad alive.

Alfie has been in a lethargy for over a year after being struck with an unidentified illness. Though he was born a perfectly healthy baby, Alfie started having complications at around 7 months old.

He started having “seizure-like movements” after missing various improvement milestones, but physicians agreed at the time that he was merely “lazy and a late developer.”

After he caught a serious chest infection that encouraged more seizures, the son was placed on life patronize at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, and medical professionals were forced to reconsider their diagnosis — or paucity thereof.

Alfie is now in a “semi-vegetative state” with an unidentified degenerative neurological condition that some experts imagine may be a mitochondrial provision, the same infection Charlie Gard had.


While the British justice system has ruled that Alfie’s life support be shut off, his parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, vehemently disagree.

The two were allegedly “in flecks, distraught, in pain, ” after the horrify death penalty for their son. They couldn’t accept the decision that he was “about to be murdered.”

The couple, appearing to hold Christian beliefs, referenced the 10 commands in one court case. “Thou shalt not kill, ” asserted Tom.

Through the regenerating dominance of God and private vehicles of modern prescription, they still believe there is hope for their newborn boy, and an legion of strangers has rallied around them in support.

On Thursday, April 12, roughly 500 brandished placards in front of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital as part of “Alfie’s Army, ” protesting the ruling and challenging his exhaust from the hospital.

Tom contends the latter are “failed disgracefully by the system.”

“Does our son look in any of these characterizations like he is dying !!!!! ” he afterwards wrote. “We as parents are not giving up … Our lad would soon be murdered, making[ sic] away from us, his innocent life is about to be taken.”


True to their word, Tom and Kate have continued to fight.

Their controversial case has even caught the attention of Pope Francis who tweeted, “It is my sincere hope that everything necessary is a possibility done in order to sustain compassionately accompanying little Alfie Evans, and that the deep woe of his parents may be heard. I am praying for Alfie, for his family and for all who are involved.”

Now, even after attaining legal documentation supposing their child is free to leave the hospital, police have blocked Tom and Kate after leaving Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with their son.

Tom documented the heart-palpitating chain of events on YouTube.

Lawyer Pavel Stroilov of the Christian Legal Centre has informed the father-god that they have the right to remove Alfie from the hospital.


“Alfie is exclusively in hospital because you, his mothers, voluntarily searched its healthcare services, ” the lawyer’s letter predicts, in part. “Alfie holds the human rights of self-discharge from hospice. He is not jailed there. Because of his minority, it is for you, as his parents, to make a decision to self-discharge or to stay at hospital.”

Still, authorities have impeded the frantic parents from doing so, even after they gave themselves with their own medical squad and ventilator to safely and effectively do so.

“So anyone joining in, I’m live in the baby’s room, ” articulates Tom in the video while pointing the camera to Alife. “There he is. Gape at him. There he is. I’m here now with Alfie James.”

“There’s his stats, ” he sustained, redirecting the camera to the machines. “There’s his crowds. Ogle what I have in front of me, ” he announced of the lawyer’s symbol. “I have a documentation saying that I have the right to take my son.”


Tom says he removed the “duty of care” from Alder Hey and placed it with an aura ambulance company.

“Alder Hey is stopping us, ” contributed Tom. “Alder Hey is calling the police. To slaughter my lad. Alder Hey has phoned the security forces to arrest me from taking my lad out of the hospital.”

“This is my son. Review at my healthful, healthful young boy who’s undiagnosed and is surely not expiring, ” said the distraught father while poising the camera over his 23 -month-old. “Look what the world’s coming to … we’re eagerly awaiting for them to secrete our boy legally. I’m shaking like a needle. I’m shaking.”

Watch Tom’s feeling video below, and delight participate us in crying for a miracle for his sweet son, Alfie .


Earlier today, Alfie’s mothers, Tom and Kate were dealt a heartwrenching setback as top magistrates accepted the couple’s plea. According to The Sun, the Court of Appeal in agreement with medical specialists at Alder Hey Hospital, declaring that Alfie “could not be saved” and considerably medication would be “unkind” and “futile.”

In addition to losing their subject at the Court of Appeal, the Supreme court of the united states and European Court of Human Rights have also refused to overturn the decision.

But the fixed young couple refuses to give up more.

“It’s not over! ” Tom told reporters after he learned of the ravaging court ruling.

They have entered yet another legal proposal at the Court of Appeals as hundreds of other subsistences have encircled the hospital to fight for of Alfie. Pictures of the boy opening his eyes have fueled public opinion that he’s still fighting for survival.

“I’ve been in the apartment with Alfie and he opens his eyes and looks at you, ” announced Tom’s friend, 26 -year-old Liam Sorrell.

“Their lawyer Paul Diamond has now said he will apply to the Supreme court of the united states for permission to appeal the action taken by 4 pm tomorrow, ” the Sun reported.

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