A Prayer for My Stressed-Out, Hardworking Husband


Heavenly Father,

I ask you to surround my husband with your agreement during this trying time in his life. Everything is demanding his time and attending and he feels torn in so many directions. With all of the extra distractions and annoyances in life, “its easy to” for him to forget how much you cherish him. I know you have good happens for him. I trust you are in charge of each detail in their own lives. I know that he is safe in your Sides, and you are able to never forsake him. Remind him of your goodness and forgivenes. Make him remain in knowing You are there to care for him when acts seem too impossible to conquer.

I pray he throws all of his attentions on You because you care for him( 1 Peter 5:7 ). I pray he detect the conciliation that extends all a better understanding and provides the ability to stand in the middle of difficult situations. I pray that peace will guard his heart and recollection as you return him through every day( Philippians 4:7 ). You provide forte when we feel feeble, and he isn’t required to “work harder” in order to gain Your endorsement or credence. May we understand your transforming goodnes as we walk out this life with You. When we miscarry, remind members “were both” desired and forgiven because of Your sacrifice on the cross. Thank you for this endow. Even though life can be so pain, we know you have overcome this life and “youre with” us in our endures. I cry my husband will appear Your nearness during the dark durations in his life.

I pray for protection over my husband in all areas of his life. At dwelling, I cry you consecrate him as he conducts their own families. Thank you for its determination to “ve brought you” blessing and to learn our children Your truths. Depict me ways to bless him and subsidize him in this. Facilitate me to status him, reverence him, and acknowledge him. I pray you bless the operational activities of the his hands as he provides for their own families. Guard his steps and prevent his center safe while he is at work and away from dwelling. When he appears discouraged, I cry he glances back over his life and determines how loyal You have been. I pray this sacrifices him peacefulnes, richer elation, and more stability in the middle of stressful times.

Thank you for articles of the covenant of union, and the boon of home. I am so grateful for my husband and I thank you for introducing him into my life.

In Jesus’ Name,

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